Piano Tuning

Piano Tuning, Repair and Cleaning in Tuscola County and Mid Michigan

Piano tuning is important to the health and quality of your piano. To experience the fullest possible sound and beauty of your piano, you must keep your piano properly tuned. I have built my business around this most important and basic element of piano maintenance and service.

My standard tuning service includes a fine tuning, preliminary cleaning, minor regulation, minor repairs, an assessment of your pianos condition, and my peace of mind guarantee. This basic package only costs $100.

Depending on how often you use it, pianos generally need to be tuned 1-3 times a year to sound their best.

Whether it has been a couple of months or 20 years since your piano was last tuned, call me to schedule an appointment to have your piano tuned.

What do I include in the standard piano tuning service?

Piano Tuning, Cleaning and Repair services in Tuscola County and Mid Michigan

Piano Tuning

Just like your car needs regular oil changes to keep it in peak performance, your piano is going to sound its best if you have it tuned regularly.

Because they make pianos mostly from wooden parts, the weather in the Mid-West, especially in areas near and surrounded by the Great Lakes, has a significant impact on how quickly your piano goes out of tune.

Regular piano tuning will provide more stability in the sound of your piano and increase its value. Have your piano tuned regularly is a great investment in your piano that you will not regret.

Preliminary Cleaning

Pianos are beautiful instruments, but they collect a lot of dust and dirt over time. Dust and dirt can affect the sound and performance of the piano.

Because there are delicate parts inside the piano, it is important to have me clean your piano at the same time I tune it.

Minor Regulation

I will make any small adjustments to your piano’s action. This is necessary to address the effects of use and changes in the wood and wool caused by the dramatic changes in the weather here in the Mid-West.

Minor Repairs

I can make many repairs to your piano in your home during the tuning process. I include repairs I can handle with no additional service call (such as sticking keys or squeaky pedals) in our standard tuning service package.

Assessment of Your Piano’s Condition

Sometimes your piano will need more than just minor repairs and minor regulation. I will assess your piano’s condition and provide you with important information and no-pressure estimates to make your piano look and sound like new!

Peace of Mind Guarantee

I guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with your piano tuning service, or I will make it right. If you have any problems after I service your piano, call me and I will come out free of charge to address the issue.