Piano Tuning

Piano Tuning, Repair and Cleaning in Tuscola County and Mid Michigan

Piano tuning is important to the health and quality of your piano. To experience the fullest possible sound and beauty of your piano, you must keep your piano properly tuned. I have built my business around this most important and basic element of piano maintenance and service.

Depending on how often you use it, pianos generally need to be tuned 1-3 times a year to sound their best.

Whether it has been a couple of months or 20 years since your piano was last tuned, call me to schedule an appointment to have your piano tuned.

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Standard Piano Tuning Package – $250

This standard piano tuning package includes

Bronze Piano Tuning Package from David Mulvaine's Piano Services

Bronze Piano Tuning Package


(Recommended for First-Time Customers)

The Bronze Tuning Package includes:

Silver Piano Tuning Package from David Mulvaine's Piano Services

Silver Piano Tuning Package


The Silver Tuning Package includes:

Gold Piano Tuning Package from David Mulvaines Piano Services

Gold Piano Tuning Package


The Gold Tuning Package includes:

Custom Piano Tuning Packages Available

Are you looking for something unique? Call to customize your package!

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Piano Tuning, Cleaning and Repair services in Tuscola County and Mid Michigan

Fine tuning

Each piano I tune will be tuned to the standard pitch of A 440 unless otherwise requested. Modern pianos are designed to be tuned to A 440 and can lose tone quality at lower pitches and run the risk of broken strings and other damages to the piano at higher pitches. I advise discretion when selecting other pitches.

Pitch raise

Pianos that have gone two or more years without a tuning may require a pitch raise. A pitch raise is a rough tuning that will bring the piano up to pitch. By doing a rough tuning before a fine tuning will help the piano hold its tuning for a longer period than if I went straight to a fine tuning.

Deep cleaning

In a deep leaning I clean every possible place in the piano as I possibly can. A deep cleaning will remove and foreign particles and objects that may obstruct or slow the action down. The deep cleaning also removes dirt a debris from all the other areas of the piano. Having a clean piano improves the tone of the piano and increases its performance.

Minor Repairs

Minor repairs includes any repair that can be done in the customer’s home and does not take more than 10-15 minutes.

Minor Regulation

Minor regulation includes any adjustments that can be made to the action and trap work that does not take more than twenty minutes to complete.

Major Regulation

Major regulation is a lengthy process where I meticulously check over the action and make sure that everything is in accordance with factory specifications.

Hammer Reshaping and Voicing

As you play the piano, the hammers will wear down. Eventually they flatten out, which results in a dull, tubby sound. Reshaping the hammers will restore the proper curve of the hammer. Also, as you play the piano, the felt of the hammer compresses and becomes hard and compressed, resulting in a hard tone. Voicing will loosen up the felt and restore the softer tone that the piano is supposed to have.

Key Polishing

Over time, the keys get dirty and grimy. My key polishing is more of an advanced cleaning focused on the piano keys. I use a special cleaning solution with a soft cloth to remove dirt and grime from the keys. Afterwards, the keys feel nice and smooth and feel clean.

Peace of Mind Guarantee

If you have any issues with your piano after I have serviced your piano, I will come back and address the issues free of charge. This does not include usual maintenance such as annual or six-month tunings.

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