About Me

Here at David Mulvaine’s Piano Services I provide Old World Craftsmanship and care for your piano combined with modern technology and tools. Using classical techniques along with modern technology and tools provides unparalleled tunings and services.

Whether you are a professional pianist, an aspiring artist, teacher, or a beginner, I will make sure that your piano has the best tuning it could ever have, and you will enjoy listening to your piano.

Peace of Mind Guarantee

I guarantee that I will leave you satisfied with your piano tuning service, and if you are not, I will make it right. My promise to you that if you ever have any problems with your piano after I service it, I will come out and address your concerns free of charge.

~ David Mulvaine’s Piano Services LLC

My Story

My interest in music started when I was just a child, when my parents decided that they wanted my brothers and sisters and I to take piano lessons. Although I was not particularly interested in playing the piano, I took lessons for two years and had to stop because my parents could not afford them anymore.

I did not take lessons for several years, but I did tinker around on the piano and developed some skill on my own.

David Mulvaine Piano Tuning and Piano Repair in Michigan

In my early to mid-teens, I developed an interest for folk music and took lessons on instruments such as Bowed Psaltery, Mountain Dulcimer, Hammered Dulcimer, and more recently the Accordion. I love listening to and playing Irish and Appalachian folk music and also love playing hymns in those styles.

My interest in becoming a piano technician started when a missionary who grew up working in his grandfather and father’s piano factory. He was visiting our church and noticed me playing the hammered dulcimer in the church orchestra. The hammered dulcimer has 62 strings that have to be tuned, and each note has two strings that have to be tuned in unison. He suggested to me that, since I take the time to tune the hammered dulcimer weekly, I get into piano technology and that I might enjoy it. He was going to help train me and give me guidance, but unfortunately on his visit to Cameroon, he got caught in some crossfire and was shot and killed. So, it left me with no guidance and I didn’t know what to do next.

A few years after years later, a friend of mine hired a piano technician named Jim Case who is currently based out of Burton Michigan. During her appointment, she mentioned to him I was interested in piano technology. Jim invited me to come work with him so he could train me. Jim has taught me a lot about pianos and for that I am grateful.

In February 2020 I officially started David Mulvaine’s Piano Services and it has taken off.

Right from the start, my customers have been very satisfied with my work and have enjoyed having me there to tune their piano.